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    „Novel explosive welded corrosion resistant clad materials forgeothermal plants” Read about the project
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    is an international project in which industrial research will be carried out to improve the competitiveness of European science and economy.Read the project description
  • ExploGuard

    is implemented by an international consortium consisting of 4 partners
    Poland (2 Partners), Slovakia (1 Partner), Iceland (1 Partner) See the consortium
  • ExploGuard

    is implemented within the framework of the international program M-Era.Net, Call 2013
    www.m-era.net Visit m-era.net
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The aim of the project

is to develop new materials obtained by plating (connect) at least two different metals with use of explosives. The developed materials will be applied in all kinds of geothermal infrastructure components such as tanks and pipelines. Explosive cladding is one of the most modern methods of manufacture of protective coatings. This novel technique allows obtaining materials with unique properties such as strength and resistance to degradation.



Development of explosive welding technology of innovative clad coatings.


Evaluation of corrosion resistance of the innovative clad coatings.


Characterisation of microstructure and properties of the innovative clad coatings.


Project Management and Result Dissemination & Exploitation.



1-st Consortium Meeting

4 February 2015 - Meeting was held at the Project Coordinator at Warsaw University of Technology, University Research Centre – Functional Materials, Janka Bytnara Rudego 25 Str., Warsaw, Poland. 

The meeting was attended by 9 representatives of the project consortium: URC "Functional Materials", Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), EXPLOMET High-Energy Techniques Works from Opole (Poland), Innovation Center Iceland (Iceland), The Institute of Materials Research of SAS (Slovakia).

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The project „Novel explosive welded corrosion resistant clad materials for geothermal plants” - ExploGuard in Poland is funded by The National Centre for Research and Development according to the contract No. M-ERA.NET/2013/01/2015 dated. 01.29.2015 r. under the Programme M-ERA.NET,
and in Iceland is funded by the Technology Development Fund RANNIS, The Icelandic Centre for Research"